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Fabien Degryse plays 12 'Martin 00 model' LGR-Project Guitars in 1 song.
Guitars made by 6 guitar builders. Each builder made a matched pair consisting of one guitar made from local non-tropical wood and one guitar made from traditionally used tropical wood, except for the soundboard which, for all guitars, was made from European spruce.

Wood species per guitar: Back&sides / Neck / Fingerboard / Bridge
Guitar 1: Oak / Chestnut / Walnut / Walnut
Guitar 2: Zebrano / Spanish Cedar / Rosewood / Rosewood
Guitar 3: Cherry / Cherry / Walnut / Walnut
Guitar 4: Rosewood / Spanish Cedar / Rosewood / Rosewood
Guitar 5: Ash / Apple / Maple / Lilac
Guitar 6: Rosewood / Mahogany / Ebony / Rosewood
Guitar 7: Robinia (darkened) / Cherry / "Rocklite ®" / "Rocklite ®"
Guitar 8: Rosewood / Spanish Cedar / Ebony / Ebony
Guitar 9: Walnut / Maple / Maple / Robinia (darkened)
Guitar 10: Ovangkol / Spanish Cedar / Bubinga / Bubinga
Guitar 11: Laburnum / Alder / Laburnum / Laburnum
Guitar 12: Mahogany / Mahogany / Ebony / Ebony

Video from Erasmus+ : Strategic Partnerships LGRP >!qU98ug Adrian Lucas, tutor in guitar-making describes his experience through the strategic partnership, known as the Leonardo Guitar Research Project in Newark College, United Kingdom, an Erasmus+ programme. Within this staff mobility project, students from three different schools respectively in England, Belgium and Finland are given workshops and sessions by professors and four luthiers from other schools on the use of non-tropical woods in guitar-making. Through this experience, his students exchange, learn, and experience both craft skills and the business side of the job. 

Interview about LGRP@HGGS, Berlin/ English

LGRP on The Holy Grail Guitar Festival / BERLIN 2014

LGRP on the Tampere Guitar Festival ‎‎(Finland)‎‎

Interview sur le LGR-Projet / Français

Interview sur LGRP@HGGS, Berlin‎‎‎‎/ French

LGRP on the Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014 ‎‎‎(Belgium)‎‎‎


The making of a Torres/LGRP-Guitar, back & sides in boxwood / Karel Dedain.