Comments Online test #1

1 Well done.

2 Even repeating a quick sequencing of 1:11 and 2:58 couldn't convince me that the differences should be attributed to the instrument rather than the player, assuming the player is not a robot. An interesting exercise. Thank you.

3 Très intéressante initiative. Bravo pour vos recherches !

4 The main differences can be heard in I heard in higher positions (treble & presence) as well as the richness of harmonics. Interesting survey, THANKS !

5 test difficile même avec un bon système d'écoute

6 Very interesting and surprising!

7 the sound of the others noises change with somes guitar and help to guess

8 Great experiment. Close call for the different instruments. I wouldn't hesitate to try/buy a NT instrument in the future

9 At 2:10 the guitar is worse than the previous one(s).

10 This showed me how the sound of a guitar comes mainly from strings and top's material.

11 well, I perceived something, it's obvious. But I couldn't say if the guitar really changes. At least, the tone changes, and what I heard can be easily reproduced by a different mic placement between two takes, or even a small position of the player's right hand or feeling. Conclusion, if there are more than one guitar, choose the nature preservation ! And keep tropical trees alive to hang myself... :)

12 Curious about the outcome

13 good test ! Exciting / Impatient to see the video

14 Je ne suis ni ingénieur du son, ni guitariste. Il m'a semblé entendre deux guitares différentes. Il me tarde de découvrir la vidéo.

15 Pouvez vous faire le même test avec des guitares folks?

16 Cool exercise !

17 les nuances existent mais ne sont pas énormes. C'est aussi le fait de l'enregistrement numérique et compressé ainsi que de la qualité de mon casque. Je serais curieux d'entendre ces instruments en direct.

18 I listened a few more times with different speakers, and I think I can pick out some different guitars, but it is not easy to

19 Un grand merci pour cette etude passionnante.

20 Intéressant

21 I noticed that the sound was crisper and more precise at the beginning and became less so as the song progressed. I sensed about five transitions through the piece, though that's an estimate. I didn't define them precisely.

22 Thanks ! Super idée .

23 I'm not plaing classical guitar. It doesn't help for that king of blind test. Anyway, I feel this is a good test to know more about our prejudice on tropical woods.

24 Ce serait cool, la même chose avec des guitares basse... Jazz Bass vs Precision p. exemple

25 The playing was beautiful, and I have always been of the opinion that the player is the largest factor in the quality of sound.

26 Très bonne initiative éducative !

27 en tant que luthier depuis une 10éne d'année , je suis bien au courant que le bois ne fait pas tout mais que le travail du matériau bois est plus important que l'essence même. j'ai finalisé une guitare folk 80% cyprès local (provence) et 20% sycomore local avec un résultat proche de mon standard epicéa/dalbergia spp/ sycomore / ebène. j'ai déjà lu un bel article sur ce projet dans la guild of american luthiers. merci pour ce travail.

28 Pas simple mais très intéressant!!

29 The guitar after the section break had a fuller treble with more treble sustain, whereas before the break I perceived more bass. However this could be a difference in playing or in the piece. I would like to hear the same piece played on all the guitars.

30 Slight differences eard but were more from the fingers sliding on the strings or sometimes it seemed that the guitar made some noise from sliding on fabric (the player's pants ?). Here are the little differences I managed to ear.

31 Ma connexion villageoise ne me permet pas de recevoir la vidéo complète, mais j'aimerais connaître les bois des guitares. Il y a des nuances de timbres, mais la qualité est bonne partout. Est-ce pareil pour des guitares folk?

32 great job!

33  This is very, very interesting. I didn't even try the exotic/non-exotic thing. Impossible to recognize any tonewoods for me.

34 très bonne idée !

35 SUPER!!!!

36 Interesting :o)

37 I'm not a guitar player, just did it for fun and to know the answer. I like positive and creative changes.

38 je susi trés content de l'expérience méner dans ce projet j'utilise essentiellement des bois non tropicaux et ça fonctionne effectivement trés bien , merci pour la reconnaissance de nos bois locaux a bien tôt Rico Priet

39 La conception du test d'écoute fait qu'il est très difficile à mener à bien ( différencier les guitares) sur un morceau aussi court ....

40 I totally want NT woods to "win" if only for the variety in color they might add to the already rich classical guitar palette.

41 Connaissez-vous une scierie qui fournirait du robinier, avec la largeur compatible lutherie ? Guitare classique, dos en 2 morceaux. Que pensez-vous du bambou pour le dos+ éclisses d'une guitare classique ?

42 Listening closely and looking for differences you can 'think' there are different guitars - very deceptive. But, on the first time hearing the piece the end does sound different from the beginning.

43 It's amazing how little difference there is. Very curious to see the results.

44 Very hard to make assumption based on the results. The things I heard could just as easily been caused by the build quality of the different instruments, or the decisions/mistakes the player made. I wouldn't even be suprised if this was all one instrument.

45 En fait, je ne suis sûr de rien et me suis forcé à chercher des différences. Je ne pense pas que, non prévenu, j'aurais remarqué des différences de sonorité !

46 Bravo pour cette initiative qui peut aider à sauver des bois en perdition !

47 j'avoue cependant que mon oreille n'est plus ce quelle était....les audiogrammes en attestent

48 Good and fun survey. It's good to make people aware. It was very hard because of the dynamics in the playing. I would laugh myself silly though, if there was only one guitar and it all was only imagination!

49 Projet très intéressant!

50 Seems like a good experiment. Would be nice to know a few things about the design of the guitars and more about the materials used including bridges and necks. Maybe that info is somewhere and I have not seen it yet.... Anyways, I look forward to seeing the full video. Thanks!

51 J'ai personnellement construit en amateur une cinquantaine de guitares classiques dans toutes sortes de bois. J'adore celles faites en bois européen: frêne, platane, merisier, noyer... et mon expérience acquise dans le domaine ne m'a pas montré de supériorité sonore dans les bois exotiques. Si j'en crois mon oreille, bien entendu.

52 Well done. This should help to dispel some myths about the importance of back /side woods in classical guitars.

53 The average person not knowing beforehand there were more guitars will absolutely not hear any difference between the guitars. I am not an acoustic guitar player and I THINK I heard 7 different guitars but the differences could easily be made by just changing the position of the right hand a little bit. I think that would make the sound even more different.

54 Merci à vous!

55 J'ai pourtant une oreille exercée (pas assez?) et possede une guitare en bois exotiques de 1989 ( palissandre Rio ect...)

56 On first listen, I thought only 3. Once I listened very closely, I thought I heard more. I could have convinced myself there were more, simply thinking there COULD be.

57 To me it sounded like one guitar. I had to find some places of change because I knew there are some, so the were mostly guessed

58 I very much appreciate the idea of exploring non traditional wood options for guitar building.

59 Thanks...very interesting.

60 very curious !

61 Complete rubbish test. Tropical woods can easily be substituted with local wood like Walnut, Cherry or Maple. You may even go woodless with HPL or Carbon Fiber.

62 Ik hoor eerlijk gezegd geen verschil.

63 This was fun! Thanks! Merci!

64 Great test !!

65 I'm like the purpose of this survey because it can show us the real impact that woods have in the guitar construction.

66 Very interesting! Very subtle... or else my phones are not as quality as I had thought!

67 As a person with a hearing disability I am certain I am not as good at this as I once would have been

68 Excellent test ! Il est encore très difficile aujourd'hui de convaincre les guitaristes, surtout ceux qui jouent sur cordes acier, que l'on peut fabriquer des guitares de tout premier ordre sans bois exotiques... Merci !

69 As a sound engineer/guitar/bass guitar player I've been really interested in your research since the beginning of the project. Keep going on! The only thing i regret are all the ticks for the editing that i hear through this test which may question the full validity of this test as it can help to find the different guitar. In the other hand, I wouldn't be able to tell which guitar is made from a tropical or a non tropical wood. For a recording session all would be great except the more muffled ones, the last
one would certainly be my favorite but that is only my opinion considering my background and taste. Thanks a lot Tom

70 All guitars sounded great!

71 Well done!

72 Very interesting. I am a guitar player from the conservatory and play with a brazilian rosewood 7 strings guitar (so very used to nylon strings) and did not notice the difference between the instruments