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  Action Steps
 Name Due Date Remarks
 1Send 'Hold the date invitation' for Multiplier event/CF to all team members to forward within their networksKristofNov
 2Ask Toon if he will develop 1 layout/format for all intellectual outputsPeterNov
 3Could/should we publish an article in Acoustic Guitar?AdrianNov 
 4Ask Le Mans researchers if we can publish their test results with our guitars.JackyNov 
 5Contact Perego (finishing expert) for potential Cmb talk and/or workshop.KristofNov 
 6Ask Pol Klinkers to co-ordinate the posters/display for Multiplier eventPeterNov
 7Confirm if posters could be printed in IkataTeroNov 
 8Complete Europass documents for all UK work placement studentsJillNov
 9Send number of males/females who will attend Multiplyer event to Kristof for accomodation reservations.Jill, TeroNov 
 10Ask National Agency what documentation/invoices are needed for musicians involved in guitar tests.PeterNov 
 11Luthiers hosting workplacement students to fill out evaluation form together with student and send to Peter Lorenzo/Chris/Thomas/Remi

 12Schools to send workplacement blogs to Peter, and add to websiteAdrian/Teroongoing  
 13Request free strings for test guitars from D'AddarioKristofNov 
 14Share draft of presentation for Rome event to LorenzoBrian/JackyNov 
 15Send Kristof info on number of guitars from each school to be displayed at Multiplyer eventAdrian and TeroNov 
 16Translate IO document on 'History of Woods in Guitar Making'Peter (via David and Martina)Nov 
 17Would it make sense for LGR to have a presence at Westdean Guitar fairJames/AdrianNov 
 18Send James copy of LGR handout for use in Westdean fairJackyNov 
 19Finalize Glossarium IO including English translationPeter (via Ellen/Joe)Dec 
 20Prepare IO on Physical Charsteristics by using relevant extracts from 'Handbook on Hardwoods' and incorporate useable elements from Newark workshopAdrian/JamieDraft NovFinal Dec
 21Issue draft teaching aid IO on environment/forest managementJacky/BrianDraft Nov Final Dec
 22Issue draft wood supplier manual IOThomas/ChrisDraft Nov Final Dec
 23All guitars ready for testingJacky/Adrian/AnssiDec

Send Jacky info on how many pairs can be tested, plus photos.Adrian, TeroDec 
 24Summarize fretting tests as IO and have display samples availableChrisDec
 25Results/report/samples of various finishing techniques Kristof (co-ordinate with Stef Torfs)Dec
 26Send timesheet and instructions to all partners
 27Send guitar testing methodology to all schoolsJacky Jan 
 28Finalize guitar tesing plan and issue methodology for testing acoustic guitars as an intellectual outputJacky Jan  
 29Evaluation of project guitars/musician tests Jacky/Tero/Anssi/Adrian)Jan-Mar 
 30Location/accomodation proposal for June close-out meeting RemiFeb 
 31IO French translations complete (where appropriate) Remi (with Simon)Feb 
 32Neck stability tests final results and report JackyMarch 
 33Consider setting up You-tube channel Adrian/JackyMarch 
 34Film musicians playing NT guitars during Multiplier event Kristof/JackyApril 
 35Next project meeting Belgium (alongside multiplier event/CF) AllApril 13  
 36Final project report and mobility tool completed in France meetingPeter/BrianMay 
 37Project Close-Out meeting France AllMay 23  


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10 Oct 2012, 23:45