LGRP NETWORK - Newsletter

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2- If you are a professional guitar maker and you are interested in actively participating as an LGRP Network Luthier 
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A network surrounding the use of
Non-Tropical Woods for Acoustic and Classical Guitar Making

If you are interested in the use of non-tropical woods for guitar making (steel-string & nylon string) 
then this network is for you. 
you are a professional or student luthier, musician, tone-wood supplier, 
scientist or just concerned about the environment, then we are sure you will benefit from joining the network and receiving the newsletter
LGRP Network Luthiers
The LGRP Network will particularly appeal
to those guitar makers who
wish to research the possibilities of using non-tropical woods in guitar building,
and who want to share their knowledge and experiences with like-minded
people via the network.
LGRP Events
We are also setting up public events where LGR Network Luthiers could exhibit their non-tropical guitars, attend interesting lectures and workshops, meet up with musicians and maybe hear some their instruments being played before a public audience. 
The inaugural LRGP Event took place
We plan the next LGRP Event in 2017 to coincide with the next round of research results from the project